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What is the best diet for stress?

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When you’re feeling stressed, what you eat can really make a difference. Here’s a super simple guide to eating your way to a calmer you:


  • Oats & Bananas. : Start your day with a bowl of oatmeal and a banana. They’re like a cozy hug for your brain, making you feel good with their natural sweetness and stuff that helps your brain chill out.


  • Fish & Nuts : Snack on some walnuts or enjoy a salmon salad. They’re packed with good oils that help your brain stay smooth and happy.


  • Spinach & Oranges : Add these to your meals for a superhero boost of vitamins that keep your body strong and ready to fight stress.


  • Chicken & Eggs : These are great for lunch or dinner. They give you the building blocks to help your brain send happy signals.


  • Herbal Tea : Sip on some chamomile or peppermint tea. It’s like a warm, calming potion that tells stress to take a hike.
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