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Sadia Islam
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What is smartness, and what can make you smarter?

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  1. Cultivating calmness and increasing intelligence share a common process.
  2. Exercise caution in what you disclose, as today’s friend may become tomorrow’s adversary.
  3. Thriving in contemporary society necessitates safeguarding one’s energy and focus ruthlessly.
  4. Dedicate 60 minutes daily to physical activities like lifting, stretching, or movement to maintain strength and flexibility.
  5. Financial success often shields from insults; embrace your hard work without shame.
  6. In a world of constant stimulation, prioritize moments of silence for at least 20 minutes daily.
  7. Consistent effort over time outperforms sporadic bursts of intensity.
  8. The modern world presents numerous addictive temptations; choose them wisely.
  9. Refraining from reaction, especially on challenging days, can be immensely beneficial.
  10. True intelligence manifests through clear and rational thinking.
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