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What are some psychological tricks and hacks useful to know?

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  1. Rushed decisions often lead to unfavorable outcomes, so take your time to assess offers.
  2. Feigning innocence can sometimes uncover valuable information.
  3. Pretense can be a useful tool in various situations.
  4. To steer clear of office conflicts, speak positively about colleagues when they’re not around.
  5. Physical touch can subtly influence decision-making, so be mindful of its effects.
  6. If you aim to unsettle someone, maintain eye contact with their forehead during conversation.
  7. People often direct their laughter towards those they favor in a group setting.
  8. Transform nervousness into excitement for better performance, especially during public speaking.
  9. Start with small requests related to your ultimate goal, gradually escalating until achieving the desired outcome. *The agreement hack!
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