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What are some interesting facts which are not commonly known?

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These are quite the collection of intriguing facts! Let me break them down:

1. **300 Flavors of Kit Kat in Japan**: Yes, Japan is famous for its wide variety of Kit Kat flavors, including matcha, sakura, sweet potato, and many more.

2. **Pigs Can’t Look Up into the Sky**: Physically, pigs have limited neck mobility, making it difficult for them to look directly upwards. However, they can tilt their heads to some extent.

3. **Strawberry Seeds on the Outside**: That’s correct! The seeds of a strawberry are actually the fruits, and the red flesh is a modified receptacle, so they are indeed on the outside.

4. **Coconut Liquid Substitute for Blood Plasma**: This is a myth. While coconut water is nutritious and isotonic, it is not a suitable replacement for blood plasma.

5. **Continents’ Names Ending and Starting with the Same Letter**: That’s true for Africa, Antarctica, Europe, and Asia. The remaining continents, North America, South America, and Australia, do not follow this pattern.

6. **Selfies vs. Shark Attacks Deaths**: This fact might be true, given the rise of selfie-related accidents in recent years, especially in dangerous locations.

7. **Lemons Float, Limes Sink**: This is generally true. Lemons have a higher density due to their thicker rinds and air pockets, causing them to float, while limes are denser and tend to sink.

8. **Google’s Original Name: Backrub**: Yes, Google was initially named Backrub when it was developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996.

9. **Refrigerated Rubber Bands Last Longer**: This is somewhat true. Cold temperatures can slow down the degradation of rubber, potentially extending the lifespan of rubber bands.

10. **Enough Gold Inside Earth to Coat the Planet**: It’s believed that there’s a significant amount of gold within the Earth’s core and mantle, but it’s not feasible to extract it all to coat the planet’s surface.

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