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How strong is Anatoly, the ‘janitor’ powerlifter, really?

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If you’re familiar with social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram, you might have seen videos featuring a slender guy dressed as a janitor in blue attire, effortlessly handling enormous weights in the gym, much to everyone’s surprise.

This guy is not an actor; he’s Vladimir “Anatoly” Shmondenko, an elite powerlifter.

Anatoly’s Background:

Born in August 1999 in a Ukrainian village, this 25-year-old influencer began training as a teenager under unique circumstances. With no gym in his village, he crafted his own workout equipment using bricks, wood, and discarded metal parts. Inspired by bodybuilding videos on YouTube at the age of 14, he began his fitness journey.

Anatoly maintained a rigorous diet, consuming seven meals a day primarily consisting of eggs and cottage cheese. Despite being teased by his schoolmates for carrying his meals in a plastic container, he persisted with his disciplined approach.

In 2016, he relocated to Kiev for further studies. By 2018, at 19 years old, he participated in his first powerlifting competition—a regional event—which he won. Subsequently, he competed in a world championship and secured the bronze medal.

In 2020, Anatoly achieved elite powerlifter status, ranking in the top 10 of his weight class in squat, deadlift, and bench press, earning the title of Master of Sports of International Class.

Alongside his athletic achievements, Anatoly gained popularity through YouTube videos, particularly his prank content.

His trademark involves disguising himself as a janitor, approaching gym-goers in the midst of lifting heavy weights. After the lifters take a break, Anatoly casually moves the weights aside, cleans the area, all without any warm-up, capturing the bewildered reactions on camera.

Anatoly currently resides in Dubai, having moved there due to the Russo-Ukrainian war. He boasts 3.26 million YouTube subscribers, significant wealth, owning multiple luxury cars like a BMW M8 and Porsche 911, and dating a fellow influencer with 131 thousand Instagram followers.

Anatoly’s Strength:

Standing at 181 centimeters tall and weighing 78 kilograms, Anatoly defies expectations by handling extraordinary weights. His career-best deadlift is 290 kilograms, nearly four times his body weight. His squat record stands at 210 kilograms (2.7 times his body weight), and his bench press reaches 145 kilograms (1.8 times his body weight).

In summary, Anatoly Shmondenko, the unassuming powerlifter turned social media sensation, possesses exceptional strength, consistently challenging and surpassing his physical limits to captivate audiences worldwide.

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