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Sadia Islam
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How can you identify intelligent people?

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When you respond, they inquire further.


When you commence employing grandiloquent verbiage, they seek elucidation.


When comprehension eludes them, they beseech elucidation in terms suitable for a juvenile.


When you utter something captivating, they diligently jot it down in their notebook or digital device.


These individuals are not inherently more cognizant. They excel in assimilation, thereby augmenting their intellect.


Why do they excel in assimilation?


Their genuine inquisitiveness prompts them to pose queries from a modest vantage point. I’ve encountered billionaires who’ve uttered, “explicate it to me as if I were a child of tender years.”


This simple utterance has revolutionized my learning paradigm.


The moment queries cease, so does the acquisition of knowledge.


The instant ideation ceases to be transcribed, it fades into oblivion.


The most formidable aspect of fostering intellect is not deluding oneself regarding the expanse of one’s knowledge; it’s exhibiting the humility to seek elucidation. If one can achieve this, others will perceive them as intellectually astute as well.

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