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Sadia Islam
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What things actually made your life easier?

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Embracing discomfort as a guide. Acknowledging that challenging tasks lead to growth. For instance, running a marathon in April made everyday activities feel lighter.

Letting go of control. Trusting in the body’s natural functions, like the beating of the heart, can teach us to let things unfold without overthinking.

Eliminating negativity. Removing toxic influences from food to people to news sources can greatly improve mental well-being.

Engaging in self-dialogue. Writing daily, even when reluctant, fosters a supportive inner dialogue, becoming one’s own greatest ally.

Reducing decision fatigue. Simplifying choices, from wardrobe to ice cream flavors, minimizes unnecessary stress.

Prioritizing sleep. Embracing natural sleep patterns without alarms and with earlier bedtimes enhances overall productivity and well-being.

Practicing self-love. Affirming self-worth daily and offering self-compassion, especially on tough days, strengthens self-esteem.

Fostering creativity. Making time for creation unleashes the mind’s potential and transforms perspectives.

Realizing individual significance. Understanding that everyone is wrapped up in their own lives can liberate us to pursue our passions without fear of judgment.

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