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What is the easiest psychological trick you can play on someone?

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Certainly! Here’s a revised version:

  1. Instead of saying ‘I know,’ try ‘You’re right!’ It comes across as more humble and validates others’ contributions.
  2. Encourage shy speakers by nodding while they talk; it helps them feel supported and keeps the conversation flowing.
  3. Instead of asking ‘Do you have any questions?’ opt for ‘What questions do you have?’ It invites engagement and makes people feel more comfortable asking.
  4. When diffusing tension, ask about numbers or personal details to steer the conversation toward communication and away from conflict.
  5. Whispering important messages to kids can grab their attention better than yelling; they’re more responsive to the change in tone.
  6. Boost workplace harmony by complimenting colleagues behind their back; it fosters positivity and goodwill.
  7. Greet everyone with a warm ‘hello’ and a smile; it takes minimal effort but leaves a lasting impression of friendliness and approachability.

Stay upbeat and spread happiness!

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